Promoting sportsmanship and American culture


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As someone who has grown up watching America’s favorite pastime and who has been playing American football in his college days, Will McHale has a lot to share about American culture and the value of sportsmanship. This is why he has worked with the United States Embassy in France to promote some of the best that America has to offer.

He could regale people with his tales of the last baseball game played at Tiger Stadium 13 years ago and he can tell them about the time when Detroit’s Robert Fick belted a grand slam for the final home run, the final hit at the 87-year-old ballpark.

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Coming from a family who worked in Major League Baseball for over a century also had its perks: there were times when he enjoyed hanging out in major league dugouts as a kid. Given these experiences, he was able to share some of the highlights of American culture, especially those that were related to how much Americans loved their sporting events and their great athletes.

While baseball has been a long-time passion of his, the sport that McHale excelled in turned out to be American Football. He played for the Ivy League in his college days and he now plays as linebacker and helps as the assistant coach for La Courneuve Flash in Paris.

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For more information on Will McHale, visit his LinkedIn page.


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