Two Life Lessons From American Football

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American football offers benefits that go beyond physical superiority. Football, when taught correctly, can impart life lessons that players can use to improve their lives and those around them. Below are two of them:

Goal setting: Psychological studies have emphasized the importance of determining life priorities in happiness and financial success. An important aspect of this step is designing a plan with visible and measurable results. This means celebrating one’s life through measurable milestones. This also sets the tone for improvement. Goals can be made, studied, and improved upon. Football emphasizes goal setting by providing many instances that are easily measurable. For example, a player may set a goal to cross a 40-yard dash to a certain time or want to increase his weight training maximum. Exercise and training improve the player’s discipline in creating and achieving these goals that can be practiced in other areas. Players are also exposed to a heavy number of team-oriented goals that will improve social skills as well.

Perseverance: Football inevitably challenges young boys to become men. There will be countless of instances of failures. However, true players learn to accept the challenges and emotionally strengthen himself against everyday struggles. The beauty of failures – for lack of a better term – in sports is that they can be remedied in a relatively short period. This improves the player’s knowledge of handling difficult situations and again learn to adapt these to other circumstances.

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It is highly recommended that parents try enrolling their sons into a football camp or play with them during their earlier years. This extracurricular activity may provide the necessary life skills that will make him into a stronger, more responsible adult.

Will McHale serves as an assistance coach for La Courneuve Flash, a professional American football team in France, and knows the importance of sports in life. Read more about his professional experience on this LinkedIn page.


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